Our Mission:


To design, fabricate, install and service your Aquarium systems to the complete satisfaction of our customers.



We will custom design your saltwater aquarium (or freshwater!), based on your desires, from start to finish to create a truly unique feature that will be a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office. We can match any decor with available custom cabinetry (built-in or free-standing).



We offer custom decorative corals with a fully realistic appearance to give your saltwater aquarium a distinctive but natural look that reflects true fish habitats. We can also provide custom decor if you choose a freshwater aquarium.



We use a unique process for creating our saltwater aquarium decorative corals.  The process used to create the corals produces
an end product that is totally inert and will not break down in fresh or salt water.  This means no chemicals at all
are leached into your water and the corals will last for the life of your tank.  A synthetic coral design is a great way to
go for longevity with a realistic look.



A sculptor will custom design and paint your decorative corals for saltwater aquariums or rocks for
freshwater aquariums specifically for every tank.  No other tank will have decor designed exactly like yours.  It will look
completely realistic for the habitat you've chosen whether it be tropical, deepwater reef, saltwater flats, freshwater, or
if you want something completely different, possibly resembling bridge pilings or dock posts, we can do that too.
Whatever you want your decor to look like, we can do it!